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He Who Knows Me Best

20"x20" Acrylic on Canvas

“He Who Knows Me Best”

20″x20″ acrylilc on canvas, for sale: $300

There is a certain calm that overwhelms me under the moonlight.
I feel calm, peaceful and secure.
In the mountains, with the struggles of real life behind me
and, for just a moment, I can think clearly and my problems aren’t so big anymore.
I have grown up so much under Mr. Moon, he knows my secrets, my hopes and my dreams.

I feel a similar peace when I paint. It is unlike drawing, or sculpting or designing.
With painting I go to a place where things move a little slower,
where my mistakes are easily adjusted to, or accepted and enhanced, and my strengths are vivid and apparent.
I am in full control of what happens, stoke by stroke.
It’s an adventure where I do not know of the outcome.
And when it is all finished, I have created something that didn’t exist before I took the time to create it.
I don’t always love what I have created in an artistic appreciative way,
but I love it in a way that is personal to me, because a piece of my soul is in it,
a piece of time that was traded to experience the creation of it.

Thanks for reading this sappy post, I’m just a sappy person, what can I say?

I’ll be posting another new painting tomorrow.

much love,

Sarah Kessler


Here’s a couple pieces from my 3D design class this last semester! It was a different experience for me to make 3D art rather than 2D and I think it will help me a lot with my drawing

Photo Apr 28, 6 31 03 PM Photo Apr 28, 6 28 39 PM

Busy Busy Busy

I made it through most of my first INKtober but not 100%! Next year though 🙂

I have been busy on a variety of other projects that I will be posting soon!

Its always a challenge for me to stay focused on one of my personal projects at a time. My brain is constantly going on a million ideas at once.

I currently am working on a sticker design for my awesome niece to have on her surf board. I am just running into a couple issues on making the graphic because of my scanner, so I will have to take another route!

I also have a commissioned art piece for a good friend of mine. I am painting/drawing a map of the world with her favorite travel quote on it. I have ideas but because I am limited to 8″x 10″ the details of the world are giving me small amounts of anxiety. Hah, but I love challenges.

And next after that I have a young man with some tattoo ideas he would like me to sketch out for him! Roots on his feet and trees and other natural elements in other places. Totally my style and am very excited to come up with those designs.

All these projects are in competition with my homework which I would much rather put aside for later. All but my art class which is always fun for me.

I am currently working on a Haiku Illustration for that class, So that will be posted soon as well.

Sometimes it feels good to just organize my thoughts in writing. It seems a lot less overwhelming when I can read it in order like that 🙂

Much love,


Day 12-14

I love the way ink moves through water, it’s like it has a mind of its own! When I figure out how to post a video on this I will show you what I did for day 12! It is on my art Instagram account @sarahkesslerart

Day 13 I started this anglerfish


And today, day 14, I finished! For now… You can always keep going with stipple! But this is where I will stop for the time being.


That’s all for today!



This is a projects from my 2D design class. 11×17 graphite on illustration board.

Art is incredible, it’s not a matter of who is the best or who makes the most money. It’s about expression and creativity and everyone has a completely different vision than you do. It’s amazing to create something that might mean something to someone out there. I hope people can connect to my work in some way or another.