Make the money, don’t let the money make you.

I wish I could just do art all the time and not worry about bills or even food, but there comes a time as an artist where you have to ask yourself what you really want. Do you want money? Or do you want to make art? Ideally the two should go hand in hand,…

New stuff

I’m lucky to have spent this summer traveling and getting inspired by the beautiful world we live in, my art production has slowed down a bit though, but I do have a couple exciting projects that I’m working on! Right now I’m working on illustrating a couple different books! One in particular is a children’s…

“Within the Chaos”

“Withing the Chaos” I completely let my self go at this with no plan, I was just feeling ambitiously creative. I grabbed some of my most favorite colors of paint and went to town. Each stroke was a hint of what the final piece would be, and I had no idea. But this is what…

He Who Knows Me Best

“He Who Knows Me Best” 20″x20″ acrylilc on canvas, for sale: $300 There is a certain calm that overwhelms me under the moonlight. I feel calm, peaceful and secure. In the mountains, with the struggles of real life behind me and, for just a moment, I can think clearly and my problems aren’t so big anymore….


Here’s a couple pieces from my 3D design class this last semester! It was a different experience for me to make 3D art rather than 2D and I think it will help me a lot with my drawing

A doodle day

I got several new copic markers for christmas ❤️ did some drawings on 5″x5″ illustration board. I love letting go and trusting my instincts in art. To let my creativity flow through my fingers and create some new. More and more I am becoming more confident as an artist because of the joy it brings…

Busy Busy Busy

I made it through most of my first INKtober but not 100%! Next year though 🙂 I have been busy on a variety of other projects that I will be posting soon! Its always a challenge for me to stay focused on one of my personal projects at a time. My brain is constantly going…

Day 12-14

I love the way ink moves through water, it’s like it has a mind of its own! When I figure out how to post a video on this I will show you what I did for day 12! It is on my art Instagram account @sarahkesslerart Day 13 I started this anglerfish And today, day…

Day 11

Went out on the town tonight! Day 11. #inktober #intober2go #ink #gellyroll #wasatchbeers @wasatchbeers

Day 9

I did 2 for today! My goal is to do a whole deck of cards! 52 unique illustrations 😳 It might take some time but I’ve got fall break coming up so we will see how this goes! Much love!

Day 8 of Inktober

Just a quick one for today, enjoy! Also, here’s my art room, just got it all put together yesterday!