Busy Busy Busy

I made it through most of my first INKtober but not 100%! Next year though 🙂

I have been busy on a variety of other projects that I will be posting soon!

Its always a challenge for me to stay focused on one of my personal projects at a time. My brain is constantly going on a million ideas at once.

I currently am working on a sticker design for my awesome niece to have on her surf board. I am just running into a couple issues on making the graphic because of my scanner, so I will have to take another route!

I also have a commissioned art piece for a good friend of mine. I am painting/drawing a map of the world with her favorite travel quote on it. I have ideas but because I am limited to 8″x 10″ the details of the world are giving me small amounts of anxiety. Hah, but I love challenges.

And next after that I have a young man with some tattoo ideas he would like me to sketch out for him! Roots on his feet and trees and other natural elements in other places. Totally my style and am very excited to come up with those designs.

All these projects are in competition with my homework which I would much rather put aside for later. All but my art class which is always fun for me.

I am currently working on a Haiku Illustration for that class, So that will be posted soon as well.

Sometimes it feels good to just organize my thoughts in writing. It seems a lot less overwhelming when I can read it in order like that 🙂

Much love,


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